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CodeQuest 2023

Write a bot to play the game, beat others and win prizes! 29th - 30th July 2023

What is CodeQuest?

Every year we create a new game that no one has seen before. All you need to do is to play this game and beat everyone else! But wait… here's the catch. You can't play the game yourself! You have to write a program to play the game with your strategies on your behalf! The teams with the best programs will win prizes at the end!

Write a program in your language of choice.
Submit your code. ->
Watch your bot battle it out against others!
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2nd place


1st place

CodeQuest 2022 Lookback


Who can compete in CodeQuest?

All university and high school students across Australia!

How much programming do I need to know?

Knowing only the basics of programming (input/output, lists, etc.) is enough for you to have your program play the game. But of course the more you know the more advanced your player can be. Even if you can't fully articulate your ideas for a program, the team based nature of the competition allows you to tackle this together with your peers, meaning you can bounce ideas and work towards the bot you envisioned.

Do I need to create a complete program from scratch to play the game?

No, we will provide you with a base code that plays the game. You'll only need to implement your ideas and startegies.

What programming languages can I use?

We are happy to announce from this year there is no limit on what programming language you can use! Write your code in whatever language you are comfortable with.

Do I need to attend in person?

You don't have to. But hear me out on this one, we are giving away free food and swags, we are going to run technical workshops for you, we are planning to have industry reps, we will run the games on large monitors and we are planning to have fun. So it's your call if you'd like to be there with us or attend via Zoom.

When and where is it going to be?

The competition will start on 29th of July at 10am - that's when we let everyone know what the game is and the documents are released. Teams will have 24 hours to write their bots and submit their code. On 30th, we will run all the games and announce the winners! We are going to run everything in Monash University, Clayton campus.

Do I need a team?

You don't have to be in a team but it's a lot more fun to have one and, also, we have designed the game in a way that different people could work on different parts of their program at the same time. So if you do have a team you'll definitely have a lot of advantage. We accept teams of 1 to 3.

What's this year's game?

I can't tell you, but I do wonder what all these tanks are doing around the website. Probably just to protect you and your teammates.


Day 1
Day 2
July 29th, 10:00
Code Quest Introduction

We'll talk about what the competition is, how it's run and what are the rules.

July 29th, 10:20
Game Introduction

We'll introduce this year's game and will show how it works. All the game documentation will be released as well and all questions will be answered.

July 29th, 10:45
Team Photos

You will take some cool photos with your teammates in your CodeQuest T-shirts.

July 29th, 11:00
Coding Time!

Start working on your bots with your team! Our team would also be there to answer any questions.

July 29th, 12:30

Have fun, have lunch, and have a chat with others around you. You will find people from different universities and the industry in the room. Make some connections!

July 29th, 13:15
Tech Workshop #1

Our first technical workshop session, with the aim of uplifting participants technical skills.

July 29th, 13:40
Tech Workshop #2

Our second technical workshop session, presented by engineers from the competition sponsor.

July 29th, 14:00
Coding Time!

No more side activities! From this point on it's just you and your team working on your bots and our team helping out with your technical problems!

July 30th, 10:00
Last Coding Session

Teams will have 2 more hours to work on their programs together. All teams must submit their programs at the end of this session before we go for lunch.

July 30th, 12:30

We will have a short break for lunch and a chance for teams to take a break and have a chat.

July 30th, 13:15
Final Matches

After lunch we come back to the room and run the games! We'll watch some of the games live and the rest will run in the background. The top 3 teams will come out of the results of these games!

July 30th, 14:00
Closing Ceremony

Prizes will be given to the top teams and memorial pictures will be taken with everyone in the room who participated! We will then say good bye until Code Quest 24.